2019 Mx Race Dates:

  • May-18 ( vintage and ATV racing)


  • May-19. Motocross


  • July -20 open practice. 12-4


  • July -21. Motocross


  • September -28 vintage racing with open practice to follow 12pm -4pm


  • September -29 Motocross

“Note” …. on 5-18 will be regular race weekend prices $10 gate fee kids 12 and under NOT racing are free… if you plan on only racing Saturday you will be charged for Sunday gate fee but will have it returned when you leave Saturday ..
…9-28 will be practice weekend pricing $5 gate but you will be charged a $10 Sunday fee and will have it returned when you leave Saturday.
PLEASE NOTE.. for all motocross events the riders meeting will be held at 8:40 am at the clubhouse,with practice to follow at 9:00 .

Flat track
June-8. Short track
June-9. Short track
( 10 12-2pm start )

August -4

September -28